Private Schools

Malvern Federal Private Banking

Private Schools

From your seasonal cash flows to your tax-exempt financing strategies, Malvern Federal understands that independent schools have unique banking needs. Our CEO Tony Weagley has helped serve more than 25 college-preparatory schools with loans of more than $100,000. Under his leadership, Malvern Federal is building successful banking relationships with school administrators like you.

  • Retirement plans with hands-on portfolio management, partnering with Bell Rock Capital, an SEC-Registered Investment Advisor.
  • Variety of loans and lines of credit tailored to your campus improvement projects.
  • Expertise from a bank dedicated to our clients’ best interests for 129 years, ready to give you one-to-one attention for personalized financial solutions.


Loans to support your Education

When it comes to loans, put your trust in a bank that has been a part of the fabric of the community since 1887. We are a premier organization with the knowledge, experience and personalized service you can expect from a community bank. We will ensure your plan is best suited to meet your needs.


Affinity with Malvern

With our Affinity Program, Malvern Federal Savings Bank partners with schools and other non-profit organizations offering everyone affiliated with these organizations the opportunity to take advantage of a custom package of products and services.

Your custom package will include, but is not limited to:

Announcement Flyers

Flyers distributed to members and families affiliated with your non-profit or school explaining your custom package of promotional products and services, as well as a list of all locations and hours.

Awareness Signage

Signage posted within offices or schools to further the awareness of the program among your members.

Bank Participation at Events

Malvern Federal will send a representative to your events to help promote the Affinity Program in person.

Malvern Federal Charitable Foundation

Malvern has established its own foundation providing money to local charities, schools and 501(c)(3)s. Because we don’t just work here, we live here too.


Maximum Insured Money Market with Malvern

Would you like access to multi-million-dollar FDIC protection on your savings deposits while earning interest?

Now you can — through our Malvern Main Line Money Market account (MMMM).

Our MMMM Account provides the flexibility and additional FDIC insurance coverage you need for larger deposits, all with just one account you open with Malvern.

The MMMM provides you with peace of mind, competitive interest and maximum FDIC insurance coverage.


School Loans with Malvern

Our experienced Lending Team will work with you and your Finance Committee to structure credit facilities that make sense for your institution and your unique cash flows. The Malvern Federal team is positioned to ensure that all of your school’s financing needs are met in the most efficient, cost-effective and personalized manner possible.

To start the conversation, please contact John Lyons, Malvern’s Assistant Director of Community Development – Private Banking, at 610.644.9400.