Mission Statement

  Our Mission


Malvern Federal Savings Bank was established in 1887 to serve the financial needs of our community. Our Mission encompasses:

  1. Clients.  Everything we do at Malvern Federal Savings Bank from locating branches, designing products to setting hours and hiring employees is done to meet the needs of our clients.
  2. Employees.  The bank will employ dedicated, motivated, responsible and honest employees, without which it would be impossible for the bank to continue providing its clients with high quality service. The bank  will be a responsible employer dedicated to the well being of its employees
  3. Shareholders. We are committed to building shareholder value. This means that we must operate the bank as efficiently as possible. Motivated employees, quality products and service, and efficient operations all contribute to the profitability of the bank.
  4. Community. The bank will be a leader in the community. We will support the efforts of local businesses, organizations and people within the communities we serve.
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